The Magic Dress

I wrote this children’s book and it was recently published in September 2021.
This was done as part of the CSD Makhanda BookDashX project in collaboration with Amazwi South African Museum of Literature. Credit also goes to the editor, translator, illustrator, designer, as well as organizers of this awesome initiative.

I originally wrote this book in isiXhosa, titled “Ilokhwe Yam Yomlingo”.
All the books from this project will be donated to children around Makhanda/Grahamstown and they are free for download on
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Butterfly in my stomach

I bump into something with my belly

Feels like the most powerful electric shock

I devour a filling meal

Ten minutes later,

I’m hungry again

At this point

I only work cos I need the salary

If it were for me,

I’d lie in bed all day and night

So much acid in my stomach

I could make an explosion

Doctor said I need some iron supplements

Cos I’m using the blood of one person

To cater for two bodies

Mine and that of my little monster

Whatever I eat, drink he takes half if not all of it

My energy, he takes. Blood and all.

They call it morning sickness

Only, it happens all the damn time

I’m so grateful though

Wouldn’t have it any other way

Go butterfly, go!

Cold nights without you

Oh long night
cold bed
and unpleasant dreams

all suddenly inevitable

cos the love I once slept
next to all these nights

is suddenly too far to hold me tight

Travel far, lover of my dreams
I give you permission

Go on, chase your dreams
but do come back to me soon

I simply cannot bare
another night in this place without you

It's only a house

You took the home part of it
the moment you stepped out that door

with your fully packed backpack

As I sleep in my cold bed

maybe it will get better
soon as I bury my head under these blankets

I will dream about the day
I can finally help you
unpack that black backpack

You've only been gone for a short while
Feels like ages to me

Miss you so, my love

So desperate for you

Wishing I was next to you 

Thinkin I could've made it work with you

Hoping this love thing comes through for us

I'm sorry I let you down

Should've held on

But choices had to be made

I had to hit the ground running

Now sitting here thinking of of you

My heart drowns in sorrow

Could have made it work with you

Should have stayed with you

Now I'm like a newborn baby eagerly searching for its mother's breast

I'm so desperate for you

My heart still longs for you

Surrounded by love

A waterfall of blessings
A melody of birds
singing on a sunny Sunday morning

Yes, there are troubles still
but they have nothing on these bedtime cuddles I get

I turn to my left
my baby boy welcomes me with a tight hug on my neck
I turn to my right
Oh wait, I can't even move
my husband is cuddling me from behind

I'm no polygamist
but I cant say I'm not enjoying
having 2 men in my life
who literally cannot get enough of me

I cannot get enough of them

Gosh, love is such a beautiful dream
I'm living a dream


I am grateful for water
and its power to cleanse
and purify

Grateful for its ability
to calm me down
and encourage me to pause,
take a step back,
and recharge

I'm thankful for the warm baths
late at night

The warm cup of water or tea
that I drink every morning

and that glass of ice cold water
that I get to drink whenever I'm parched?

Thank you, Water
Thank you, Nature
Without you, we are nothing

In love with your energy

There's something majestic about your presence

I love how my heart jumps for joy
whenever I'm sitting next to you

You don't have to do much

Just you breathing
and interacting with me

Sends waves of positive energy
my way

I'm almost tempted to say
I love you

Maybe it's something else
I don't know

But I do know one thing for sure

I would kill
to be in your presence

Journey with me

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